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At My CharacterReferences, we're committed to making a change. We believe that "Performance is Quality," and that individuals should be recognized and valued for the work they're already doing. We believe that your job performance should stand on its own as a reflection of your skills and capabilities.

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Our founder is a caregiver who has experienced the challenges of working in the home care industry firsthand. She created this platform to help caregivers and domestic workers improve their job opportunities and marketability by providing a comprehensive solution that addresses the unique needs of caregivers in the industry

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We are proud to offer our services to caregivers, domestic workers and nannies.

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Boost Your Caregiving Skills

Enhance Your Soft Skills for Success

  • Enhance Your Caregiving Skills: Training and Resources to Boost Your Professional Edge
  • Stand Out as a Caregiver: Develop Your Soft Skills and Increase Your Appeal to Clients
  • Empower Your Caregiving Career: Unlock Your Potential with Our Training and Resources
  • Market Yourself Effectively: Gain an Edge with our Soft Skills Training and Resources for Caregivers
  • Grow Your Skills, Expand Your Opportunities: Access Articles, Videos, and Webinars to Enhance Your Caregiving Abilities


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Caregiver Empowerment

Enriching Opportunities for Caregivers: Elevating Job Prospects and Marketability with Our Dedicated Support

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Simplifying Caregiver Reference Management

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Enhance Your Skills

Accessible Soft Skills Training for Caregivers, Nannies and Domestic workers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Employers can benefit by having access to a pool of highly skilled workers with a verified track record of performance. This can help reduce turnover and increase the overall quality of care provided to clients. Additionally, partnering with My Character References can help employers meet legal requirements, such as those outlined in AB5, by providing a secure and reliable platform for verifying worker status and job references

My Character References can help caregivers and domestic workers on the path to citizenship by providing a reliable and verifiable record of their work history and performance. This can be especially valuable for workers who are seeking to apply for visas or permanent residency based on their employment history. By having a solid record of their work and positive references from past employers, workers can demonstrate their value to potential employers and immigration officials.

While My Character References cannot directly assist undocumented workers in the citizenship process, we can still provide a valuable service for these workers. By offering a secure and reliable place to store their job references and showcase their skills, undocumented workers can increase their chances of finding consistent work and building a strong work history. This can ultimately help them in their pursuit of citizenship or legal status in the future.

Yes, undocumented workers can benefit from using My Character References to showcase their skills and work history to potential employers. By having a record of their performance ratings and soft skills training, undocumented workers may be able to secure more consistent work and increase their chances of obtaining a work visa or path to citizenship.

My Character References is unique in that it allows workers to highlight both their technical and soft skills, providing a more comprehensive view of their capabilities to potential employers. Additionally, our platform is designed specifically for workers in non-traditional industries, such as caregivers and domestic workers, who may face challenges in obtaining reliable job references.

Employers can benefit from utilizing My Character References by having a more accurate and comprehensive record of their staff's performance and skills. This can help employers make more informed hiring decisions and ensure that their staff is well-suited to the job. Additionally, by providing workers with a platform to showcase their skills and performance, employers can help foster a more engaged and motivated workforce.


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